Window & Door Repair and Replacement Services

Dependable Solutions offers complete repair & replacement services for all your window & door needs.

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Window & Door Repair & Replacement

We have many years of experience replacing window and doors. We work with many different manufacturers to provide the perfect doors and windows for your building. From oak entry doors to metal and glass commercial doors, we provide it all. We are knowledgeable with interior, exterior and fire-door installations. We follow ADA requirements for safe threshold and door installations.

We install retrofit windows or new construction windows. We repair window balances, latches and install new window glass. We install many types of windows such as vinyl, wood and metal. We can provide restrictors to limit the opening distance of your windows.

Entry and Interior Doors

• We are experts in door repairs
• We can adjust hinges for proper and easy closing
• If your doors have hydraulic closers or self-closing hinges we can adjust or replace
• From decorative oak doors to commercial glass doors, we provide many options
• We work on sliding glass doors and barn style doors


• We work with many manufactures on many different window projects
• From repairing existing windows or installing new windows
• If your window balances or slides need to be cleaned, adjusted or replaced, give us a call

Parking Garage Gates

• From metal roll-up gates to sling electric gates, we can repair or replace most styles
• We provide service to keep your gates operating smoothly