Water Damage Repair Services

Dependable Solutions offers complete water damage repair services to meet your facility needs.

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Water Damage Repair

Floods are one of the most common occurrences at a facility. Even a pin-hole leak can cause severe damage to drywall, flooring and woodwork. We are in facilities almost every week repairing damage from flooding.

When you have water damage, we are your first call. We will provide a plumber to correct the issues. We provide water extraction and drying services. We will remove damaged drywall, flooring and ceiling materials. We will dry-out and dehumidify the surrounding areas. We provide mold abatement services and fire damage services.

Our rebuild services include drywall replacement, texturing, new wood work, flooring and ceiling replacement. We set up plastic containment areas for resident and staff safety.

Plumbing Services

• During and after hours leak repair
• Emergency drain line clearing

Water Restoration Services

• Water damage cleanup
• Water damaged drywall repairs
• Water damage restoration
• Emergency restoration services
• Pipe burst and sewage cleanup
• Flood water extraction

Facility Rebuild

• Installation of new drywall
• Texturing of drywall to match existing surfaces
• Replacement of baseboards or base covering
• Replacement of flooring
• Plastering and painting services
• Ceiling replacement

Additional Services

• Mold testing
• Fire damage rebuild
• Bedbug testing