Sidewalk Crack Grinding & Leveling

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Sidewalk Crack Grinding & Leveling

Raised concrete can be a major trip hazard. For many raised areas you can avoid the cost of sidewalk replacement by grinding the existing concrete to a level surface. We provide grinding and scarifying services. As we grind we use a dust collection system to keep your property relatively dust free.

Sidewalks are often raised by tree roots. We can provide heavy-duty plastic root barriers to block the tree roots from re-raising the newly leveled surfaces.

We would be glad to visit your facility and provide a free estimate to lower the tripping hazards and grind your concrete sidewalks to create a level walking surface.

Concrete Grinding

• Removal of raised concrete surfaces to create a level walking surface
• We can grind or scarify for non-slip surfaces

Sidewalk Replacement

• If concrete is raised too high we can replace existing sections of sidewalk
• We can finish new concrete to match existing sidewalk surfaces.

Root Barrier

• Trenching new sidewalk
• Cutting of tree roots that extend under sidewalks
• Installation of commercial grade plastic root barrier
• Replacement of dirt over root barrier