Residential Rehab Murrieta

This home was for sale in Murrieta. It was located in a nice community but had some very dated items like and avocado green bath tub, old style linoleum counters and floors in the kitchen and carpet in the bathroom. BPSI addressed these items as well as some other maintenance that was needed.

There was worn indoor-outdoor carpet at both entrance doors and in the parking area by the street.  The porch carpet was replaced with a brown tone carpet and the area near the street was removed and painted with a sanded paint to be attractive and water friendly.

Wallpaper was removed throughout the house and the ceiling and walls were painted.  New linoleum was installed in the kitchen and bathroom and carpet in the rest of the house.  Granite counters were installed in the kitchen and bathrooms with new sinks and faucets.  New shower insert was installed and the green bathtub was coated white.

Additional work included installing a microwave hood over the stove, painting all cabinets in the house, straightened the water heater, roof maintenance, remove and rebuild falling down fencing.

The BPSI team of technicians worked together to keep the home cleaned, haul away items left behind by previous owner and repair minor issues like missing doorbell, repairing window treatment brackets, removing large mirrors and rewiring the thermostat.


The homeowner for this project did not live in the area. BPSI communicated each step of the process through e-mails and pictures to keep the owner informed. They also performed tasks such as taking the trash to the street and meeting home inspection services at the house to make the process run smoothly.

Each home is unique and each owner has a different list of what they would like to see accomplished. If you are getting your home ready to sell or rent, contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.  

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