Playground Shade Cover

Installation of a shade cover over a park playground.

During the summer the park equipment is much too hot for the children to play on. Riverside County decided to install a shade cover to make the equipment child friendly during the hot months. BPSI Construction and Maintenance installed this cover.

There are many reasons for covering equipment these include:

  1. Protection from the sun and ultra violet rays
  2. Keeps the playground equipment from getting too hot to use. In the sun the metal structures can heat up causing a risk of burn to the children using the equipment.  By shading the equipment, it keeps the structures much cooler and safer.
  3. The shade cover protects from rain or hail
  4. Extends the life of the equipment by keeping them out of the direct damaging rays of the sun.

Playground area was fenced off during construction.  The shade cover was delivered to the site one skid weighing over 1400 pounds and was moved into the playground area.  The foundation holes were dug with a auger and were over 6 feet deep.  The concrete was poured around the poles and allowed to cure.  The canopy was then installed, and the playground was ready for use.

Here are some pictures of the process.


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