Custom Dumpster Enclosure Cover

BPSI designed and built a custom dumpster enclosure cover to meet the need of a customer that was having issues with excess trash, unauthorized dumping of trash, dumping of bulk items and homeless people living in the dumpster enclosure.  These issues were giving a negative image to the center.

Problem requiring a custom dumpster enclosure cover:

This customer had a trash enclosure in their center parking lot that had excessive trash discarded by unauthorized users and an ongoing issue of homeless people living in the dumpster enclosure.  Graffiti throughout the center as you can see in the pictures on this dumpster and trash piling up have been an ongoing issue with this center due to its location. 

BPSI worked with the customer to come up with a solution of securing the dumpster with a locked door and roof.  BPSI provided the design for the customer to approve.

The first day the BPSI techs arrived to work on the project the dumpster enclosure was so full of unauthorized trash that they couldn’t access the dumpster to install the cover before the trash was hauled away.

Details of the solution:

BPSI custom build a custom structure over this enclosure to restrict access to authorized tenants of the center. Metal tubing was bolted to the top of the block wall and a custom frame was welded in place.  Asphalt Corrugated Roof Panel was installed on top of the metal frame.  Metal tubing was primed with a rust inhibitor and painted with an enamel paint to match the center colors.

A new heavy duty hasp was welded to the door to lock this enclosure door.  The entire center was scheduled to be painted after the cover was installed and the dumpster enclosure was to be painted along with the rest of the center.  This solution secured the dumpster enclosure and provided an attractive look for the center.

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Pictures of the project:

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Other dumpster projects include installing a new dumpster enclosure, adding a locking door, repairing or replacing doors.  Contact us to find out more.

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