Plumbing Services

Dependable Solutions offers complete plumbing services for all your needs.

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Plumbing Services

Dependable Solutions has a great team of commercial plumbers. We have quick response times for emergency service calls. We have skilled teams that can provide any services, large or small. We can clear a drain and rebuild a toilet or larger projects like replacing your boilers or repiping your sewers. Call for a free estimate.

Our plumbers are trained to work in a wide range of environments. We are clean and respectful. We have years of experience working in senior and assisted living facilities as well as commercial facilities. If our plumbers need to open up walls to access the pipes, we have the team of painters to patch the openings. A turn-key operation.

Drain Clearing

• Mechanical snaking of sinks
• Removal and snaking of toilets (Replace with new wax ring)
• Mechanical snaking of cast iron and ABS drain lines
• Hydro-jetting of drain and sewer lines

Boilers and Tanks

• Service repairs or replacement of commercial boilers
• Service repairs or replacement of water storage tanks
• Service repairs or replacement of tankless water-heaters


• Replacement and installation of cast iron and ABS sewer pipes
• Replacement of shower valves
• Circulation pumps
• Check valve and shut-off valve replacement
• …and many other services