Light Maintenance

Good lighting is important for a safe center

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Exterior Light Maintenance

Dependable Solutions offers a full line of lighting services including:

    • Installation of new light fixtures
    • Troubleshooting and Repair
    • Lamp and ballast replacements
    • Parking lot light service
    • Wall Packs
    • Soffit Lights
    • Energy Efficient Lighting

When considering exterior lighting there are many items to consider. 

  • Safety:  dark areas become a consern for tripping as well as well as allowing a place for people to hide.
  • Energy Efficency:  Depenable Solutions recommends LED lighting whenever possible installed on a dawn to dusk sensor so the lights are only on when needed.
  • Esthetics: Lights can provide a beautifly look for your facility making it appealing at night.

Contact us to learn more on how to upgrade or repair your exterior lighting.