Fencing, Gates, & Railings

Dependable Solutions offers a wide range of fencing options to meet your needs.

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Fencing, Gates, & Railings

Dependable Solutions offers many types of fencing options. Wood, metal, chain link and vinyl. Whether it be new fencing or repairing an existing fencing, we do it all. We would be glad to visit your facility and help design, estimate and install beautiful new fencing.

We can install new perimeter fencing or rebuild courtyard gates. If you need a new or existing fence painted, we have a great team of painters. On new metal fencing, we can hot-dip galvanize the metal prior to painting, for long lasting, lower upkeep fencing.

Metal Fencing

• We provide great looking metal tube fencing
• We can pre-galvanize the metal prior to installation
• We can attaching metal decorative mesh on-and-around security gates
• From ornamental iron to simple metal fences and gates

Wood Fencing

• There are many types of wooden fences: Dog-eared, tongue and groove, vertical or horizontal lay-out.
• If your wooden fencing needs staining or painting, we can provide a turn-key estimate

Chain Link

• We provide permanent fencing or temporary fencing around construction areas.
• We can design and install fencing for storage areas in parking garage or exterior spaces.
• Installation of privacy covering on fencing to keep fenced in areas hidden from view

Vinyl Fencing

• We can provide vinyl fencing in many different colors and textures.
• Vinyl fencing is long lasting and low upkeep.


• We fabricate and install a wide variety of metal railing.
• Our carpenters can build and install wooden fencing and railings.
• We provide railings for inside staircases and exterior walkways.
• We also provide painting and staining services.