Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Dependable Solutions has a range of energy efficency upgrades that will save you energy and money.

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Many people think that installing solar panels is the first way to save on your electric bill. At BPSI we believe that there are many things you can do to save energy before “going solar” we install many energy efficient products. Other options include Whole House Fans, Attic Fans, Tankless Water Heaters, Window Film, Upgraded Insulation and Window Sealing. By making your home more energy efficient you can make your home more comfortable and save money.

Window Film:

Windows let in the light and offer beautiful views. But the sunlight they invite in can also cause hot spots and severe fading of your furnishings. And during storms or in the event of a break-in, windows are the most vulnerable points in your home. Window Films are designed to reject solar heat, reduce fading, and they can add a valuable layer of protection to your home. Find out more about how Window Films can improve your home. Dependable Solutions installs 3M brand.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

When temperatures spike, drafty windows and doors can quickly turn into rising utility bills. New energy efficient windows and doors are crucial to maintaining your home’s comfort all year long, especially during the coldest and hottest months. In fact, replacing single-pane glass windows with ENERGY STAR® qualified products can save you $146 to $501 on energy costs annually. Dependable Solutions recommends JeldWen Doors and windows.

Other Upgrades

  • Save electricity and money by installing LED lighting.  This can be as simple as installing new bulbs or installing new high efficiency light fixtures. 
  • Install a new more efficient HVAC system.
  • Find out how your home could benefit from a whole house fan.

Don’t Just Paint, Insulate!

Ceramic Insulation Coating that excels in situations where other types of insulation fail.

If you have any of the following issues caused by heat transfer.

  • Solar heat loading that causes AC equipment to cycle continuously.
  • Condensation on cold surfaces causing rust, corrosion, sanitation or safety problems.
  • HVAC ducting with failed joints and air leakage.
  • Insulation that is subjected to humidity.
  • Wall or roof subjected to sun exposure that is heating up the interior area.

Traditional insulation begins failing in these conditions from the first day it’s installed. Ceramic insulation coating may provide the only solution or be combined with a durable material to yield optimal thermal results