Electrical Services

Dependable Solutions offers complete electrical services for assisted living facilities, commercial buildings, and facility maintenance.

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Dependable Solutions can help you with any electrical needs or issues at your facility. Whether it be a GFCI receptacle in a resident suite or light pole in the parking lot, we are here to serve all your electrical needs.  Our electricians are licensed and insured. We keep up to date on the National Electrical Codes.

Full Range of Services

Dependable Solutions provides a full range of electrical services including service distribution, emergency generator, HVAC wiring, troubleshooting non-functioning circuits, adding additional outlets or switches, installing, replacing, or updating lighting, and maintenance as well as 24/7 emergency service.

Save On Electric Costs

We have been successful in helping facilities save on electric costs with upgrades such as occupancy sensors, low-voltage lighting control systems or a combination of both.


Dependable Solutions can install new lights, upgrade existing lights or change outdated fixtures to LED lighting. Dependable Solutions electricians understand residents might be experiencing sight issues and work with the facilities and residents to provide proper light levels to help residents better see their surroundings.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting that is used to light up entrance signs, facility signage and landscape. This creates an appealing look for the building and property.  In which we installed light fixtures on buildings and pathways to light up dark areas for the safety of those walking during the night.

Switch Gear & Electrical Panels

Dependable Solutions provides service and repair on the larger electrical components. Such as, electrical service panels, switch gear and transformers.

Other Systems

Dependable Solutions can install nurse call systems, speaker systems, staff communication systems, more complex wander guard monitoring systems to prevent residents with dementia from wandering off and, CCTV systems to monitor public areas to ensure the residents’ safety.

Kitchen areas can be improved by upgrading appliances such as, walk in refrigerators and coffee pots that are connected to electric and water to make them easy to use.  We can install or perform maintenance on electricity powering warmers and other appliances.

At Dependable Solutions our electricians are trained to safely work in all facility atmospheres.

Contact Dependable Solutions at 888-340-5445 to discuss the electrical needs at your facility.