Concrete, Asphalt, & Waterproofing

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Concrete, Asphalt, & Waterproofing

Dependable Solutions has many years of experience repairing, rebuilding and replacing concrete walkways, block walls, planters and asphalt parking lots. We provide coating systems for decks, balconies and other surfaces. From crack repair to complete sidewalk or driveway replacement, we provide it all.

We install water proofing solutions for planters and water flow management for the exterior of your property. We provided asphalt resurfacing, asphalt slurry sealing and brand new parking lots. If a pipe or conduit needs to be installed across a parking lot, we can provide back-filling and patching of the trench.

Concrete Services

• Repairs on existing concrete surfaces
• New sidewalks and driveways
• Curbs and gutters, repair and replacement
• Retaining walls and block wall projects

Asphalt Services

• Slurry seal coating on parking lots
• Re-striping of parking lines
• Hole patching and asphalt repair
• Special asphalt membrane and coating systems
• New parking lots; Removal and installation


• Balconies and patios
• Waterproofing of planter boxes with drain mats and lining
• Planter irrigation and drainage systems